Thank you so much, SABS!

On 9th October, while we were at the Cutie Pet Fair, a group of well-wishers, under the initiative of Bro Tan Meng Yeow, was also helping us raise funds through our tshirts, at the Shah Alam Buddhist Society (SABS) in Bukit Rimau.

SABS held their annual Health Awareness Campaign, and since they invited other human charities which take care of people’s health, Bro Tan thought it would be fitting to have a booth for the animals too since our mission is to take care of animals’ health.  

Metta (or maitri, in Sanskrit), which means unconditional non-discriminatory loving kindness, is one of the most highly encouraged virtues to be developed in a Buddhist. In short, it means to love all beings as one’s only child. This virtue is to be practised in word, thought and deed.  

So, in the spirit of Metta, Bro Tan offered to raise funds for us, and he got a team of members to help out, too.

Isn’t that a nice poster that they did for us?
It has little pawprints on it.  

Bro Tan wanted to raise some extra donations for us, so he priced all tshirts at RM25. The extra RM3 from the Cute and Gold was given to us as donations. Thank you, Bro.

We’d like to thank Bro Tan, all the helpers in the team as well as the visitors for supporting our work. 

By the end of the day, they sold a total of 67 tshirts, which is a very impressive number for a day’s work.  Bro Tan said it could have been more as they ran out on Black!  

Thank you so much!

Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhi Tatta!
(May all beings be well and happy!)





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