3-month old puppy for adoption (Adeline Boey’s)

ADOPTED on 30th October!

From Adeline Boey (adeline_brf@yahoo.com):

Hi Dr Chan,
I was wondering if you can assist to feature this cute pup in your blog? He was malnourished when my husband and I first fostered him a month ago. Now, he has been “fattened” up and ready for adoption. The initial plan was to let him bond with my other two dogs. If things go well with them, then we will consider adopting him. Unfortunately, my “elder” dog couldn’t mingle with him. If I put all three of them together unsupervised, fights will erupt!
Kindly find details of the pup as below:
Age: 3 months old
Color: Brown
Gender: Male
Vaccination: 1st vaccination done; will be taking him for his 2ndvaccination this weekend
De-worming: Yes
Thanks in advance.
Adeline Boey





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