A male cat neutered (Jessy Lian’s)

From Jessy Lian:

Dear Dr.Chan,

Attach herewith is the photo of the on heat male cat that I had successfully caught on Tuesday night. The bait is a fried kembong fish. I have to confine Mama-X and Pretty Mama in the big cage & then sit in the car to wait. Then 2 hours later, the male cat was caught. I was so happy the whole process went smoothly & luckily I caught him on Tuesday night, cos the night after that had a big down pour. And the neuter operation was done on Thursday morning. The cat is doing fine & has been released to the neighbourhood and he won’t be able to get a female cat pregnant for the rest of his life!

The neutering charges (done at Klinik Kembiri) is fully sponsored by us. 





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