1 male cat neutered (Valerie Lim’s)

From Valerie Lim: 

Dear Dr Chan,

My mom had came across your article in The Star newspaper. In the last year, she had took in a stray cat without realising it was pregnant. It had “adopted” us and we let it stay in the house compound as we feel pity of its state.
It soon gave birth to 2 kittens which one had survived and left Meow Meow with us. About 3-4 months later, Mommy Cat came back with 2nd batch of kittens which Eik Eik survived. At this point, we only realised how fast cats can re-produced. Mommy Cat came back with the 3rd batch of kittens but they relocated after Meow Meow got pregnant. We got really worried as we did not realise Meow Meow had matured so fast. None of Meow Meow’s kittens survived (they all got hit by passing cars).
We decided we need to neuter both Meow Meow and Eik Eik (male) fast, looking at the trend in the cats population in the neighbourhood and how pitiful it is for little kittens being hit by cars. We would like to neuter Mommy Cat as well but it seems impossible to locate her most the time.
We would like to know if we qualify for the subsidies in the Subang Jaya vet and if there’s flexibility in the appointments (as the 2 cats might not come back during certain hours of the day). I have attached a photo of Meow Meow and Eik Eik. Coming from a family that has not owned any pets before, we had grown quite attached to these 2 “manja” cats. 
Thank you and regards,
Valerie Lim

This morning, the appointment was made and Valerie sent Meow Meow and Eik Eik to our panel vet. 

We will only sponsor the neutering of Eik Eik (the male cat) as Meow Meow is found to be pregnant. 





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