Sugar is ready for discharge (Eling Chan’s)

I went to settle Sugar’s bill today.  She was already fit for discharge on Thursday, but Eling had to board her till next week because she is away on work.

The total bill up to Thursday is RM816, and we have subsidised RM408 (which is 50%, as per our policy). The amputation itself did not cost very much; it is the FBC test, heartworm antigen test and multiple biochemistry tests requested by Eling that added up to the cost, and also the spaying (but it was discovered that Sugar had already been previously spayed). Here, we have to reiterate the need to notch the ear of spayed animals, whether it is a pet or street animal.

Eling will pay for the extended boarding as that is not covered by us.

Sugar goes for walks every day, and is doing well on three legs.  The right front leg still limps a little, but is showing signs of improvement. Her appetite is very good.

She has to be coaxed to come out.

She prefers to be without the leash.


Sugar is very warm and friendly.


Sugar would have to be treated for the TVT three weeks from now as she cannot be given the chemotherapy jabs until she recovers from this amputation.







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