Found: Shih Tzu at Bandar Utama (Koo’s)

From Koo:

FOUND: Small, male, pure-breed Shih Tzu dog with long white and brown fur which was found wandering in Bandar Utama (BU) for two nights by BU residents who contacted Emeryn, a fellow BU resident, who lost her dog almost 2 months ago but since he was not hers, she requested for my help to foster the dog after grooming him. The dog, aged about 1 year and 4 months old, had no collar or dog tag but has microchip. Unfortunately, the owner info has not been updated with MKA and the breeder was not answering any calls. If you’re the owner or have information about this dog, please e-mail me
If there is no claim, the dog would be put up for adoption in a week.
A picture of the dog (before it was groomed) is attached for your kind reference.

Thank you very much and best regards,Koo





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