Karuna has a new foster home

If you remember, on 7th July 2011, Karuna was rescued in dire straits, attacked by a pack of wild dogs outside the temple grounds and brought to our vet. She was “paralysed” the first day, was in lateral recumbency and our vet recommended that we have her euthanised since she was so very old and she had no owner.

Of course we said no, and I asked the vet to do everything necessary to make her as well as she possibly can be.

Karuna on the day of rescue.

She was shaven bald because that was the only way to treat the 20 odd bite wounds on her body. Some of the wounds were really bad.

Long story cut short, Karuna recovered in small bits day by day, only to fall ill again after every few days, either with a cough or breathlessness or something or the other. We also got her spayed, and the vet discovered she had already been spayed.

It took close to three weeks before she was fit enough to be discharged and she went back to the temple. However, the pack of wild dogs had access to the temple grounds at night and intimidated Karuna.

I figured it would be just a matter of time before Karuna got attacked again and keeping her leashed at the temple would render her completely defenseless to protect herself. She was estimated to be at least 12 years old.

So I asked if my mother could foster her instead while we looked for adopters, a task which I know would be harder than finding a needle in a haystack.

The initial idea was that my mum would adopt her since she was already so old and not active; she should not be too boisterous for my mum to handle.

Ref: http://animalcare.my/2011/08/03/karuna-goes-to-her-new-home/

On 3rd August, Karuna went to live with my mum.

Things went well until two weeks ago when my mum called saying Karuna had become so strong, my mum could not handle her anymore. Apparently, Karuna escaped from the gate and ran down four houses and my mum had to chase after her.

That was the day Indy was sick and had to be warded, so it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

But sometimes, I think we have guardian angels. That day, while rushing Indy to the vet’s, I made a few phonecalls, and before I could even blog for help, a kindly elderly man (who only wants to be known as “Uncle”) offered to take Karuna in. Transport was arranged and Karuna went to her new foster home that day itself.

I couldn’t get a photograph until today, so here is Karuna in her new home, sitting with Uncle.

 We are really very grateful to Uncle for taking in Karuna with no questions asked.

Uncle says Karuna is well-behaved and he enjoys her company. Karuna is allowed into the house and she pees and poos everywhere, but Uncle says that’s okay because Karuna is an old dog.

We will continue to supply food and pay for Karuna’s medical expenses. It was already such a miraculous blessing that Uncle was willing to take Karuna in.

With old age comes problems, but these problems may not be viewed as such if we understand that aging is a process that all of us must go through.

We hope Karuna can live on with Uncle in his home.





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