3 lucky puppies adopted…and 2 returned (Vivienne Chew’s)

From Vivienne two days ago:

Dear Dr Chan,
I would love to share the good news with you,
3 lucky puppies being adopted to good home while another 2 may go to new home this weekend 🙂
thank you again for helping me sharing the puppies story in your blog.
have a great day.
*Please find attachedpictures of adopted puppies .
Vien Chew

First adopter from Cheras & she had adopted 2 lucky boys (first pic).
Second adopter from Kepong & this family adopted another lucky boy(second pic).
*1 boy & 1 girl left now..a family has shown their interest to adopt both together,will meet them this weekend & hopefully is a happy ending , cheers :P*will update you once 2 pups goes to new home.

Then, yesterday:
Dear Dr Chan,
Good morning to you,just as i thought the pups had found their forever home,the first adopter from Cheras rang  me up earlier & told me she need to return 2 pups due to her own reason,the pups had stayed with the family for  2 weeks time.
*I always remind my adopter please return dogs to me in whatever reasons they can’t continue taking care of the dogs.
Hence 2 pups is up for adoption again 🙂
*Dr Chan, i might need your help again once i take back the pups(to post for adoption).
Thank you very much.
Have a wonderful day !
Hence, the two puppies are up for adoption again. Please help them find homes by forwarding the link. Vivienne can be contacted at vie_nne@yahoo.com.





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