Thank You (August donors)

It’s time to thank our donors again, for their generous contributions which has enabled us
to help the many animals who come our way.

Mong Kwai Chee
Kavin Harisshavarthan
Ang Shu-Pei
Datin Tina
Tong Wai Hing
Tupui & Nunui
Kok Khee Wee
Jeanie Tan Lai Fun
Peggy Tiong
Linda Lim
Yap Hong Bee
Emily Ang
Jennifer SL Leong
Antara Optima Sdn Bhd
Helen Too & Friends
Kon Chee Min
Julia Chong
Irene Leong
Premala Narendra
Chua Choon Meng
Donors from the Student Leader Convention
Ooi Siew Eee
Baggy Pink Nose
Subang Pet Products
Janet Toh
Lim Ley Kah
Jurina Johan & anak-anak
Lung Sai Mei
Anonymous Donors

May all beings be blessed with kindness.

Thank you.





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