Medical subsidy for 2nd accident-dog (Lai Mei Kueen & Mdm Hoo Yuh Ru’s)


The 2nd dog has been discharged now and is under the care of Mdm Hoo in her home. From my conversation with Mdm Hoo last Sunday, she plans to let the wound heal, then seek another opinion on what can be done for this dog. I have given the contacts of Lydia Telleson and Dr Susanna to Mei Kueen should they need help in the area of physiotherapy and acupuncture.

We have subsidised RM307 from our Medical Fund for the treatment of this dog and a further RM500 is contributed by MDDB. Mei Kueen has also applied to for a subsidy for this case.

We hope to receive further updates on this dog, and we hope the the dog will recover soon.







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