More help needed for Kelly & Jacinta’s dogs in Tg Rambutan

We would like to thank Mr Kok Khee Wee for his generous donation and pledge to help Kelly & Jacinta’s dogs every month, starting this May 2013.

So far, according to Jacinta, they only have two regular donors. They need more funds on a monthly basis, so if you could pledge a monthly donation to them, it would really help. Kelly & Jacinta look after about 119 dogs in their shelter in Tanjung Rambutan and Ipoh.

As per our policy, theirs is the last shelter we can help as our policy only permits us to help individual caregivers, not shelters. We hope everyone understands that we have to abide by our policy (we extended help to Kelly & Jacinta as we did Meiji, before we were registered and before we had policies). We do not have the resources to help shelters because shelters need a lot of funds on a long-term basis. We need to focus on our priority – to help the individual caregivers.

If you are able to help Kelly & Jacinta, please write directly to Jacinta Emmanuel at Please cc your email to so that we would know if they are receiving adequate help.

We would like to thank Kerry too for offering to set up a website for Kelly & Jacinta. We hope Kerry has contacted Jacinta by now.

Thank you very much.

From: jacinta emmanuel <>
Date: Tue, May 7, 2013 at 9:59 AM
Subject: Re: donation for your shelter

Good Morning Mr Kok and family,

Hope all of you are well.
Thank you so much for the thought and the gesture. Kelly and i and our furry friends thank
you so very  much.  Thanks to Dr Chah Kah Yein also for her effort.
This money will help feed our doggies daily. When we go in we bring in enough food for
our shelter dogs and if there is balance we feed the many strays along the way. You wont believe
the stray population here in Perak.
We also need to deworm our dogs and our shelter requires  minor repair work,
so this money will come in really handy.
I will update you Mr Kok on whats going on at our shelter and also will include some photos
of our doggies. Some of the recently abandoned dogs at our shelter were pregnant females and they
have just given birth to some of the cutest pups .Our population is growing, phew!
Hope you Mr Kok and family are well.  We pray your generosity will in turn bring you
 happy thoughts that you have reached out to so many of Gods little creatures.
God Bless and Take Care,
All of us at Kelly’s and Jacinta’s Animal Sanctuary (KJAS)
Tg Rambutan, Perak.

From: jacinta emmanuel <>
Date: Tue, May 7, 2013 at 10:10 AM
Subject: Re: new form
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Hi Dr Chan,
Besides Mr Kok’s donation monthly, there is a Mr Henry Wong who has pledged a monthly
donation for us too. Mr Henry Wong is a friend of a friend. No one else has called or written to say
they have pledged cash, dog food or other items. Kelly has not mentioned anything either.
Thank you.





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