Another cat rescue and rehoming (2 adults, 9 kittens)

We were recently alerted about 2 adult cats and 9 kittens, abandoned on the streets. They looked healthy and a kind adopter agreed to take them all in. She will take care of the neutering, vaccinations and the medical needs of all these cats.

Today, the cats were sent to their new home!

IMG-20140506-WA0003 IMG-20140506-WA0004

 All aboard, lucky kitties!


We have arrived!


Welcome to green grass, sunshine, yummy food and a safe place to run, play and live in!

The kittens are excited. The adults are a little…wary of the new place.

Don’t worry, adult-kitties, you’ll be fine. Cats are loved to the core here.

Why, meet some of your new friends…


Hello, how do you do?


Welcome to our friendly cat garden!


 Oh no….is that Indy???

Indy, is that you??

Heh…no, Indy is safe at home! Wrong tail, too!

Have a happy life with your new friends, kitties!

We wish to thank the kind adopter for taking in these 11 abandoned cats and kittens and our volunteers for providing transport and all help rendered.

P.S. Indy has spies everywhere. Shh….there is a Brotherhood of Indies….they are everywhere, keeping the peace.



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