Kudos to Universiti Malaya for leading the way!!

Dr Veeranoot shared this: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Humane-and-Compassionate-Management-of-Strays-at-University-of-Malaya/478971442237852

Professor Che-Chin Tin wrote to us on 30th May 2014 to request support in helping the stray cats in Universiti Malaya. We offered our subsidies as we would to any individual, but as it turns out, something much better happened. Professor Che-Chin submitted a proposal to the university itself for financial support to start a CNRM project at the university grounds and it was approved!!



We salute Professor Chin-Che Tin and Dr Veeranoot for their noble endeavours in initiating this project, Universiti Malaya for giving its full support and the team for their efforts and in leading the way!

We hope more institutions of higher learning will incorporate efforts in instilling kindness to animals in their students and adopt CNRM (Care-Neuter-Rehome/Return-Manage) as a part of the culture in their esteemed institutions.

It is so encouraging to see an institute of higher learning doing this, because these are places of education and education plays an extremely important role in inculcating positive change in the outlook and beliefs of the society at large.

Kudos, Universiti Malaya!!

Please “like” their Facebook page!!

If your institution or organisation (school, college, university, shop, business, corporate body, temple, church, mosque, etc) would like to start a project like this to help the street animals in your vicinity, and if you require help and advice, please do contact us.

If everyone puts in his/her fair share of effort (and not wait for the authorities to “do something” because we think they “should”), we can initiate positive change already. It is not “someone else’s responsibility”, it is our collective responsibility to do what we can to help the defenseless street animals, as far as we can.

Come on board the CNRM wagon, folks….! If you are an honest individual, you are most welcome to apply for our subsidies. If you are part of an organisation and have your own funds but need some pointers to start, please do write to us.

For every animal neutered, thousands of unwanted births on the streets can be prevented. For every animal rehomed, we can drastically reduce the number of strays on the streets.

We need to push for neutering and prioritise rehoming. Returning to colony is good for the eco-system and the animals if we have a more loving and compassionate society. While we work on reaching this ideal, we have to strike a balance between the ideal and the realistic goal.





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