A truly enjoyable STRETCH session today (and we raised RM5380!)

What a wonderful session we had at today’s Stretch Therapy session! It was a good mixture of fun, laughter, goodwill and of course, lots of stretching!!

First, we must thank Wai Kuan and Chi-Chang, the instructors at Stretch Therapy, for choosing us as the beneficiary of their very first Stretch for Good project. This centre opened in Sept 2017. They offer pro-bono classes for the blind, and now, they are embarking on more CSR projects. Kudos!! True to the principle of good business practice: People (including animals), Planet, Profit (in that order).

Second, we must thank them too for their amazing guidance (with much patience, empathy and compassion) in today’s 3-hour session. Our participants ages ranged from 27 to 72 years!

Third, we must thank all the participants and the three sponsors for their generous donations to our Neutering Fund. Together, we raised RM5380 for the animals!!

This is the list of participants and sponsors:


1. Mary Yap
2. Peggy Tiong
3. Betty Ng
4. Peggy Quah
5. Penny Loke
6. Jia-Wen
7. Si Hui
8. Edward Lee
9. Josephine Tan
10. Julia Chong
11. Bernie Chin
12. Stanley Tan
13. Cheng Yee
14. Yip Yuen Kuan
15. Tan Poh Ching
16. Tan Siew Voon
17. Kah Yein
18. Tai Kim Fui
19. Khoo Teng Bee
20. Ng Mei Li
21. Chu Lan
22. Michael
Jenny Ku
Two anonymous donors
And here are some photos of today’s session, courtesy of Stretch Therapy and our participants.
A small token of appreciation – I sewed two bags for our instructors.
Thanking all the generous participants who not only donated money, but also their time and certainly…energy!
Our youngest participants for today!
This is one of my favourite stretches.
Are we dancing here? Actually, yes and no. I was amazed at what we learned in this seemingly simple yet effective exercise.
“Happy Dog and Angry Cat”
This simple exercise is for us to understand how the body and mind works.
For each exercise, there are different “levels”. So, for those who aren’t as flexible, there are less challenging variants. Despite the rather large group of 22 of us, Wai Kuan and Chi-Chang gave personalised individual attention to everyone.
Our eldest sister.
No, no, we are not kicking each other here! We are supporting each other with our feet!
For this exercise, both the stretcher and the helper are completely relaxed. What a great way to exercise, right? Also, the two feet are in a position which really provides such comfort to the stretcher.
We did a lot of partner stretches.
No, we are not dead tired here! We are just “relaxing” after all the hard work!

Although the workshop lasted for a whole three hours, the time passed so quickly because we were having so much fun!

So, thank you once again, to everyone who made this event a very meaningful and enjoyable one!

May we all attain cat-like flexibility and better wellbeing!!

Stretch Therapy’s website: www.stmalaysia.com.






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