Super-Jon’s 230km bike ride for the animals!! (1)

For those of you who were with us in May 2015, you might remember that Jon Tham Nam San ran the Interstate68 to raise RM10,000 for AnimalCare!

The final tally:

Some photos from May 2015:

A year earlier before that, in October 2014, Jon ran 50km to raise RM5000 for us:

Then, a year after, in May 2016, Jon and his friends raised another RM500 for us again in the Viper Challenge:

This year, drum roll, please…..Jon is going to cycle 230km from Lumut, via the coastal road, to SS18 Subang Jaya (my house will be the finishing point) on 24th June 2019 to raise funds for AnimalCare again!!

It is going to be a bike ride this time to help the animals!!

From: jon tham
Date: Wed, May 8, 2019 at 11:53 AM
Subject: Cycling to raise funds for Myanimalcare
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Dear Dr Chan,

I like to cycle to raise funds for Myanimacare. You and the animal rescuers are

doing a great job in neutering and rehoming street animals. The solo ride will take

on the 24th June 2019 from Lumut to Subang Jaya. Pledges will be directly channelled to Myanimalcare bank account.

Let’s do this and hope for a good funding support.


Jon Tham

Let’s make Jon’s wish come true by supporting his noble efforts!

So, here’s what we are going to do (this is SO exciting!!):

  1. As per before, please make your pledges for Jon’s bike ride. We welcome (1) pre-ride donations and/or (2) pledges to be honoured after Jon completes the ride.
  2. Let’s also participate in the ride by accompanying Jon on his last leg!!  We have two checkpoints (1) a petrol station along Kesas Highway or (2) the entrance to SS14 from Jln Kewajipan, onwards to my house in SS18. Jon will start from Lumut at 6am and is expected to finish the ride at about 4pm or so, so if you are able to ride with us (yes, I’m going to ride on the last leg too!) and if you can bring your bicycle (plus helmet, please) to participate in the last leg, please write to me so that I know how many are able to make it. 3pm should be a good time to wait at the checkpoint(s) for Jon to arrive from Lumut.
  3. I will personally treat Jon to a well-deserved nutritious dinner at The Little Wonders Cafe after he finishes the ride. I’m already in discussion with the chef (who happens to be a fitness instructor too) on Jon’s welcome-back meal after his 230km ride. Everyone is welcome to join us for dinner in celebrating and honouring Jon for his (literally!) tireless efforts in helping the animals and supporting our work! Again, I would need the headcount for this as I need to book the place at the cafe.
  4. A little trivia – I’ll be sewing a small stuffed toy and Jon will carry it on the ride and take photos with it at various stops along the journey! This will be fun! The toy will be named Mr Amir Chan (MyAnimalCare)!!  :))

Let’s start the ball rolling with the donations and/or pledges, folks!!

Direct donations: RM300  

Mr Zurik – RM100
Tabs & Friends – RM100
The Cow Clan – RM100

Donation pledges (to be honoured after the ride): 

(none yet)

Pledges to cycle with Jon on the last leg: 

  1. Chan Kah Yein
  2. Khoo Jia-Wen (if not flying)
  3. Connie James

More, more, more….the more, the merrier!!

We haven’t had something THIS exciting for a long time!

Let’s make this happen, folks!!!!

Thank you very much, Jon!!!





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