Super-Jon’s 230km bike ride (2)

As announced yesterday, Jon Tham will be cycling 230km from Lumut to Subang Jaya on 24th June 2019 to raise funds for AnimalCare again!!

Jon raised RM5000 for us in 2014, RM10,000 in 2015 and another RM500 in 2016, all in running events.

This year, he will be cycling!

The tally so far:

Direct donations: RM2100 

Mr Zurik 100
Tabs & Friends 100
The Cow Clan 100
Manja & Family 100
Yap Chin Kwan 100
Khoo Ming-Yi 50
Beanie 200
Avant Pet Sdn Bhd 500
Jia-Wen & Bunny 150
Sihui & Tabs 150
Mong Looi 100
NandaLeonie Hong 350
Anonymous 100

Donation pledges (to be honoured after the ride): 

(none yet)

Pledges to cycle with Jon on the last leg: 

  1. Chan Kah Yein
  2. Khoo Jia-Wen (if not flying)
  3. Connie James

Celebratory dinner (minimum donation of RM35) at Little Wonders Cafe:

  1. Chan Kah Yein
  2. Connie James
  3. Mong Looi
  4. Mary Yap

Let’s support Jon’s noble efforts! You may make a direct donation now or make a pledge to donate after he finishes the race.  Do let me know by email:

We will also be joining Jon on his last leg when he completes the ride. If you’d like to cycle with us, please also let me know.

A celebratory dinner (by donation) to honour Jon for his noble efforts will be held at Little Wonders Cafe in SS18/6 after the ride on the same evening. The minimum contribution for this dinner is RM35 per person. Please do join us!!

For a minimum of a RM35 donation, you may order a main course and a drink from their ala carte menu (orders on that day).  The balance will go to our Fund and I will personally cover any shortfall, if any.

Jon Tham’s tireless efforts at helping the animals!

Thank you so much, Super-Jon!!






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