The dog blood donor

Late last night, a neighbour posted in our neighbourhood chatgroup that he needed a dog blood donor very urgently for his pet dog who is hospitalised.

Immediately, I thought of PAWS because previously, when Sihui’s dog, Brownie, needed a blood donor, PAWS offered their big and robust dogs. However, it was found that the dogs had underlying tick fever, so the dogs could not donate.

At the same time, Sihui’s sister posted an appeal on Facebook and a Ms Soo responded, offered her dogs and one of them donated blood for Brownie. It saved Brownie’s life.

As it was very late last night, I could only asked Sihui this morning and got Ms Soo’s contact.

At the same time, PAWS also responded and offered their dogs.

For blood donation, it is always a better choice to find home pets as donors because shelter dogs, although they look tough, robust and healthy, may have underlying health problems like tick fever or low platelet count which the shelter cannot detect until a blood test is done (which the hospital or clinic will do before an animal can donate blood). [That’s also how we found out that Bunny was FIV+ when he was 3 years old. I offered Bunny to donate blood because he was our biggest cat. The clinic informed me that a kitten needed blood for surgery. So Bunny’s blood was screened and that’s when we found out he was FIV+ and could not donate.]

By late morning, Ms Soo responded and she immediately offered to take her dog to the hospital to help this neighbour’s dog. It’s so incredibly kind of her. No questions asked, just “Which hospital?”

Ms Soo texted me back just now to say it’s done!

Here’s her facebook post:

Thank you so much, Ms Soo and Bambie! And thank you too, to PAWS for their kind offer.

A friend suggested that we should set up a list of willing donors for future reference.

We should!

Shall we start the ball rolling?  If you have dogs or cats who can be blood donors and you are willing to help, please do write to me at

Let’s save lives!!

Bambie, you are a hero!!






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