Food Aid to a new Sponsored Shelter, Amy’s Kennel in Kota Bharu

Donors: An anonymous donor, Ahmad Amir Kamil, Avant Pet Sdn Bhd, Bunny’s Place & Ginger’s Catio, Khoo Ming-Yi, Kok Khee Wee, Mong Looi, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, Tan Lai Fun, Tan Tay Thye, Than Foong, Wan Tai Seng, Wong Chin Kuan, AnimalCare donors (reserve fund).

The petfood:

Vitalplus dog kibble 18kg
– Lamb – 6 bags
– Salmon – 3 bags

Alps Chunky dog canned food 1230g x 12
– Lamb – 2 boxes
– Turkey – 2 boxes
– Salmon  2 boxes

Vitalplus cat kibble 18kg
– Chicken – 1 bag
– Salmon – 1 bag

Back2Nature cat canned food 80g x 24
– Tuna Chicken – 2 boxes
– Tuna Sardine – 2 boxes
– Tuna Mackerel – 2 boxes

Cindy’s Original cat canned food with broth 80g x 24
– Tender Chicken – 2 boxes

As always, we thank Avant Pet very much for the free delivery to Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

A message from Amy: Tq very much, Selama ni mrk x dpt mkn makanan berkhasiat mcm ni cuma dpt mkn jenama biasa sbb ikut kemampuan sya?

Ms (Amy) Kok Fung Moi is an independent rescuer in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. She was introduced to us by Mr Lim Seong Ann, a former (now retired) applicant who rescued dogs. Mr Lim introduced Amy to us when we reached out to help a lady who wanted to get dogs neutered there (the Kota Bharu Project which did not take off).

Amy works as a clerk in a factory. She feeds her animals kibble in the morning and cooks for her dogs in the evening. So her dogs eat homecooked chicken and rice besides the kibble. Because she works 6 days a week at the factory, she feeds the dogs twice a day but is often in the rush to work in the morning. She also feeds street animals along her way to work.

On her own, Amy has been rescuing dogs and cats since 2004. She currently houses rescued dogs in the kennel that Mr Lim started which he left behind for her. It is a shelter of sorts. According to Amy, these are the animals she feeds now:

Kucing jalanan – jumlah 17. Semua belum mandul. Susah ditangkap. 
Kucing dlm shelter – jumlah 12. 8 sudah mandul, yg belum mandul – 1 tua, 3 masih kecil.
Anjing jalanan – jumlah 32. 4 sudah mandul. Kebanyakannya susah ditangkap. 
Anjing dlm kennel – jumlah 17. 12 sudah mandul, 4 puppies akan dimandul dan di-adopt, 1 belum mandul, sangat garang.

We have asked Amy to get as many of the animals neutered as possible. We will help with our aid.

Here are some photos of the animals whom she feeds:

These are the feral dogs.

These are the dogs in the kennel. Some are Mr Lim’s dogs too.

10 ekor dlm kennel uncle dulu. Dan ada 2ekor dalam kennel kecik sikit kat belakang flat, nanti sya pergi feed baru ambik gambar yaa

Photos taken in the kennel are dark because there are only solar lights in it. So it isn’t very bright.

Anjing tua yg kat bawah flat uncle rescue punya

Anjing female yg uncle lim jaga dulu, dah spay

This 1 is ah boy uncle jaga dulu

Yg ni heigirl yg uncle jaga jugak dulu

2 ekor yg Amy rescue dari taman kenangan sbb ada majlis nk gi tembak masa tahun 2018

Mrk duduk dlm kennel blkang flat ni sbb x blh bergaul dgn lain, mrk berdua garang sikit suka bergaduh?

Sya nk gi feeding tmn dulu nanti lps tu sya akan cerita sbb ape rescue mrk ya.  Yg 3ekor lg esk sya snap gambar ya sbb entah chau p main mana dah?

Yg 3 ekor ni stray kat tmn

Yg 5ekor ni another site kat tmn sya nama tmn bahagia. Uncle lim pon tau punya

Yg ni kwn yg rescue kws Perindustrian then simpan kat rumah dia sewa xp sbb Tuan rumah nk balik rumah tu dia xda tempat so serah kat sya tahun mco 2020

Yg ni baru sya kutip bawah flat org buang dan di buli kucing besar?

Stray cat kat bawah flat baru beranak

Ni semua kucing yg sya rescue sejak kecil. Bersepah x sempat bersih lg?
Sya ada feed kucing2 jalanan lg, kat kilang sya ada 5ekor

These are four puppies Amy rescued from one of the Thai temples. They were abandoned there by people. She took them in months ago, and a friend had already pledged to sponsor their vaccinations and neutering. The four puppies will be neutered on 3rd March and 10th March (appointments already booked) and Amy has found families to adopt them. All are Malay families too!

I need to put in a word here: I have been told again and again, that there is a unique harmony among the Kelantanese. They are really quite different from the people in other states (that’s what I was told). I have yet to see this unique wonderful harmony, especially racial harmony, but my husband has, in the old days when he flew to Kelantan quite often. The Kelantanese are very genuinely friendly and accepting of everyone. They truly live harmoniously with one another. Kudos to them, I say.

And this is what I’ve observed, being a true-blue Malaysian. Malaysians want to live harmoniously with one another. It’s the politicians who try to separate us and make us dislike one another. Please do NOT entertain what the politicians are trying to do.

Without the politicians and their hypocrisy, we will be a very united people. I have no doubt about this.

Without politicians, there will also be no catching-and-killing of street animals, right?

So what on earth are they good for? You tell me.

Sorry for digressing.

Here are some photos of the dogs taken in the morning during feeding. They are some of the same dogs in the night-time photos above:

Stray cat jantan jln nk gi keja punya

Ini betina. 

Ini kat kilang.

Kilang punya.





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