Kai achieves a first (raw food on his own)!

I thought Kai had become slow in everything, but no. Just now, he achieved a first – he ate raw meat on his own!

Since yesterday, I had been giving the kittens very small amounts of minced chicken breast meat. I do it by placing the small amount into their mouths. Both Akira and Indra chewed and swallowed, but Kai did not.

Well, just now, Kai went to the little plate and ate the raw meat all by himself!

He finished this much, all by himself!

So after that, he drank very much less milk.

I remember a senior vet telling me a very long time ago that once kittens eat solids, cut off the milk totally. It means they do not need milk anymore.

I still have to ensure Kai eats an adequate amount of meat first before doing that.

I found this online:

Here is a general guide for feeding raw food to your kitten: 2-4 months old: 10%-13% of their current body weight (in pounds) per day. 4-8 months old: 6%-10% of their current body weight (in pounds) per day. 8-12 months old: 3%-6% of their current body weight (in pounds) per day.






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