Sparky, 15 year-old dog, joins Survivor Shelter

Here’s news from Survivor Shelter’s Ms Ong. It is about Sparky, a 15 year-old pet dog.

Sparky, anjing berumur 15 tahun.
Sparky adalah seekor anjing yg dibela oleh satu keluarga,oleh sebab Sparky tiap mlm pukul 2am bising ,tuan dia hantar ke petshop utk boarding ,dah 5 bulan. oleh sebab April adalah Hari Raya harga boarding akan dinaikkan ,tuan tak mampu bayar ,akhir keputusan untuk nasib Sparky adalah PTS dalam bulan April .
Sebenarnya Sparky tak ada sakit ,masih sangat sihat dan boleh makan sendiri. Tuan ada tanya banyak tempat utk jaga dia ,tapi tak ada orang mau angkat Sparky, oleh itu saya angkat keputusan hantar Sparky ke Survivor shelter saya untuk jaga dia seumur hidup.

Sparky in his former pet store boarding place.

This morning, as promised, Ms Ong went to take Sparky from the boarding place to his forever home. Here are some photos:

Sparky at his forever home now, Survivor Shelter.

Thank you so much, Ms Ong.

That’s the canned food we sent. This enclosure has Bernard, Ah Win, Kuning and now Sparky joins them. It is the seniors’ enclosure. They are all above 10 years old.

Why, why, why would an owner want to put down an old dog who is still healthy, alert and able to eat?

Look at his eyes. Those are not sickly eyes. They are so alive.

Ms Ong is now at the vet’s with Ah Win. He has not eaten in two days. We hope it isn’t anything serious and that Ah Win will recover soon.

Ms Ong is working two jobs now, one at her burger stall and another at a restaurant. She has to earn more money as the land-owner wants to take back this land and she has to move soon and build a new shelter. She is now looking for land. If you are able to help in this, please write to me at

This is Lucky. Remember him? He is the one raised (as a pet) in a small cage for 12 years of his life, then his rescuer took him away but wanted him put down because he made too much noise during thunderstorms. Lucky is thriving too.

Ms Ong, we bow to you for your compassion.





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