The AnimalCare Authors!

Here’s an update on the AnimalCare TagTeam.

Terry Saw has opted to take a break from the TagTeam as he is very busy with a young family and a newborn. So the TagTeam now only has Joy Saga and Josephine Tong. And me, of course.

We’ve also already created another team called the AnimalCare Authors. These are friends with rescue and caregiving experience who will write about related topics including their home caregiving stories (I personally love reading personal home stories as they are unique, provides barefoot experiential knowledge and serves as educational pieces too) and reflective pieces.

So, let me introduce our three new authors:

Terry Saw 

Maslinda Abdul Talib 

Anita Chen Yun Mei  (An update on 2nd May 2023 – Anita has opted out as she has her hands full with her pet sitting tasks)

Welcome on board, Terry, Mas and Anita!

Thank you so much for accepting our invitation to be a part of the AnimalCare Team!!






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