WinWin’s amazing progress (an update from Survivor Shelter)

WinWin was diagnosed with IMHA three weeks ago and only given 2 more days to live by the vet.

But with the loving and concerted care of a caregiver and Ms Ong’s determination to see her through, WinWin has made amazing (yes, unbelievable) progress over these three weeks.

Her blood PCV went from 7.8% to 15.5% and yesterday, it was at 25%! So the Darbepoetin works!

The vet also weighed her THREE times as he couldn’t believe that WinWin’s weight had increased from 6.3kg last week to 9.3kg this week! In just seven days.

The progress is absolutely astounding!

Here are some photos:

WinWin can walk on her own now!

Ms Ong has requested that I share her thoughts with all readers here. All sick animals deserve a chance to receive medical treatment and no one should ever cast their pets out on the street when they are sick. WinWin had IMHA which is almost like a death sentence, and yet, look at her now. And Ms Ong even shared that the first bill was about RM400, but subsequent bills were only RM70 each.

Our animals totally depend on us to take care of them. We owe them this much.





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