Kitten dumping and dog on chain dragged by a lorry

We were alerted to two cases this evening.

  1. A person in a Hilux was seen dumping a box of many kittens on the street somewhere in USJ resulting in the kittens’ deaths. We urge eye witnesses to make a police report.
  2. Photos of a dog on a chain being dragged by a lorry in Serdang Jaya are being circulated as well. Eye witnesses, please make a police report.

Circulating photos or news on social media may not get the police’s attention. A report has to be made by the eye witnesses.

We also urge and appeal to the authorities to please stop your archaic and cruel catch-and-kill method of controlling the street animal population. When the authorities catch and kill, animal haters will think they too can do it.

Killing is never the solution to any problem.

To the authorities – PLEASE, stop catching-and-killing. Please give neutering a chance.

To the animal-haters – Nobody has to like everybody. But that does not give you the right to kill.





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