Sporty Boy – Officially Adopted

Hi, it’s JoTong here.

Yesterday was a happy day for me as Sporty Boy was officially adopted by a loving family. He and his 2 sisters were abandoned at the roadside about 10 months ago in July 2022. While Sporty Boy’s 2 other sisters had found their forever loving home, Sporty Boy did not seem to have the luck despite having 2 adopters come to see him. In January 2023, I decided to send him for neutering even though he was living together with a large group of spayed females ?.

However, earlier this week on Wednesday morning, I received a WhatsApp message from my friend saying she got someone interested in adopting Sporty Boy.

So, on Saturday afternoon I ferried Sporty Boy and another young puppy (about 2 months old) to Sri Petaling for the adopter to see them.

The young puppy had no problem to immediately get friendly with the adopter’s grandson but Sporty Boy seemed afraid and he was very quiet (maybe he missed his friends). I told the adopter he was usually very playful and loved running around.

The good sign was that Sporty Boy wagged his tail a bit when the adopter let him smell his hand.

That means it’s a YES…

At last, Sporty Boy and the young puppy found their forever home ?

Sporty Boy and his siblings were abandoned at roadside (inside carton boxes)


We bring them to a vacant land and feed them


This was Sporty Boy when I brought him to playground to take his photos and put him up for adoption 6 months ago.


Sporty Boy found his new home and a new sister





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