Updates on WinWin (from Survivor Shelter)

Ms Ong took WinWin to see the vet again this morning.

WinWin’s blood PCV has further dropped to 20%.  The vet explained that with IMHA, this is expected to happen, that is, the blood PCV will drop gradually.

In fact, in severe cases, the blood PCV drops very fast, sometimes a fast as within 24 hours and the disease is fatal. Heidi and Hiro both had feline IMHA and succumbed to it very quickly, within just 3 days. Canine IMHA stands a better chance than feline IMHA, my vet told me.

Actually, Cash and Milky both also were suspected of having IMHA. But Cash’s urgent problem at the time was her intestinal issues while Milky’s was his kidneys and liver. They could have had IMHA as well.

In WinWin’s case, she also has tick fever as well as IMHA. The vet has decided to treat the IMHA first as that’s more urgent.

So, the tick fever isn’t addressed yet, only the IMHA. This is because to address the IMHA, WinWin has to be under immuno-suppressants (steroids) and this will not help the tick fever.

Also, due to the administration of steroids which was necessary for the IMHA, WinWin has a skin thinning problem now, and there is a spot of thinned skin which the vet applied iodine on today.

WinWin’s weight has increased to 13kg now. Not surprising as steroids leads to increased appetite and weight gain. It also gives a feel-good feeling, which is, well, good. What matters is WinWin feels good, isn’t it? IMHA is not easy to treat, so we take it one day at a time. WinWin doesn’t know she is sick, all she wants is to feel good. In fact, that’s all any animal wants too – to survive, to have enough food, to be able to sleep peacefully, to be able to urinate and defecate without problems. The bonus would be – to be loved.

For today, the vet’s decision is to stop all medication and recheck again in a few days’ time.

The vet did mention the option of using another drug called Cyclosporine, which is an immunosuppressing agent. But it is very, very expensive. There are no plans to use this as of now.

Ms Ong says she is very grateful that AnimalCare and its donors have helped with the bills of Cash, Milky, WinWin and Fate, but for today’s bill, she will take care of it herself.

The sore due to thinning skin.

Iodine is applied onto it.

Happy WinWin!





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