Neutering aid for 1 dog in Tambun, Ipoh (Harry from Imm’s Shelter)

This is a special aid for a Sponsored Animal in selected shelters.

Upon their request, we agreed to sponsor the TVT treatment and neutering for two dogs at Imm’s Shelter, namely, Harry and Fluff. Imm’s will cover the vaccinations themselves.

We have thus provided an aid of RM200 for the neutering of this male dog, Harry.

This claim is made by (Judy) Chua Joo Looi and she is assisted by Oei Phaik Imm (of Imm’s Shelter).

We are also providing our Medical Aid for Harry’s TVT treatment. Harry fully recovered after receiving three jabs. Please see next post.


Harry’s TVT was confirmed when he was caught on 3/9/23 and taken to the vet for neutering on 4/9/23. 

The previously-claimed dog would be Fluff. These are photos of her being released back to the same colony after full recovery from TVT and neutered. Both look so alike!





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