MJ is adopted!! (an update from Liang Soak Peng)

Ref: https://animalcare.my/2023/09/08/medical-aid-for-1-cat-in-cheras-liang-soak-pengs/

We provided aid for MJ’s neutering and medical treatment previously. MJ was rescued with a non-functioning paw and arm. The physiotherapist said nothing could be done because the arm and paw had no response.

But good news now!!

MJ has been adopted by a loving parent AND the paw is still not active, but the upper arm is!! Ah, the benefit of youth!

Here’s what her rescuer, Joey Liang, says:

Paw still not active but that upper arm yes. So the new parent wants to take to her vet n see how it goes … amputation is last resort too. 

Mj lives in a big house with three siblings n all her siblings are neutered.






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