A beautiful perspective on pet crossing over

This is a very beautiful piece and perspective on pet crossing over, written by my newly-acquainted friend, Alda.

I have her consent to share it with all of you: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_ogZp5JREr/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA%3D%3D

When I recently shared my feelings on the need to allow someone to grieve over the loss of their pet, I am humbled and thankful that my words reached out to many and some contacted me privately to say what I had written had helped them come to terms with their losses too.

Well, Alda’s piece gives a different perspective to pet death, which has opened my eyes and heart. I’ve learnt new things now!

Please give it a read and I hope it helps you too.

Pets live shorter lives to prepare us for our own death and that of human loved ones.

Our furry friends don’t have karmic and growth lessons to learn like people do and don’t need long earthly experiences.

Their wide open hearts and spirits only allow them to endure earth’s density and lower energies for a short time.

They teach us how to love and live in the present moment. When we learn those lessons a bit more, they move on to help and heal others.

Pets help us remember the most important lessons in life: to love unconditionally, to accept others for who and how they are, and fully enjoy life’s precious moments.  Here’s to the day when more humans can live with a fraction of that love and acceptance.

Right from the start the pets wanted to stress that the most important thing to remember is this: “When we leave (our body) we don’t LEAVE YOU. You should know that by now.” The pet’s spirit lives on and remains connected to us. “Oh, they’ll feel sad alright. That’s ok, that’s normal. There’s no getting around that.” However “They’ll see us and touch us in a new space/realm.” It’s hard to understand this in the beginning, but trust this.

You don’t have to ask forgiveness.

Some people hold on to guilt and regrets and that holds them back from healing, which is normal. The why, or “what could I have done better or where did I go wrong”. But, understand that your pets want you to know it’s all forgiven as soon as they cross over. They never blamed you in beginning. Their love is unconditional. They know you loved them wholeheartedly and did your best. We are all doing the best we know how. Forgive yourself if you are ever carrying any guilt or regrets from deceased pets or people.

When a beloved pet passes on, the grief can feel overwhelming. Each relationship is unique and there’s no one else who understands exactly what you meant to each other and how the loss affects you.

And mine, is with my forever my Nala 🌹RIP 🌈

I agree with so much of what it says, particularly the part about our pets and animals not needing to learn karmic lessons and lessons for growth. It’s true. They already know and practise unconditional love. And what of humans? Well, I think babies and very young humans also have this same ability (look at Jayden, for example) but it is the social conditioning later on that change them. We must be careful that this “innocence” and beauty of heart is not taken away from our young ones. We have a role to play in this. We must work hard to maintain and protect their innocence so that their unconditional love that cuts across species remains. As cliche-ish as it sounds, this contributes towards peace and humanity.

I like how Alda calls it “earth’s lower energies”! Indeed, and why? Humans make it low! And yes, I look forward to the day when humans can even live with a “fraction” of the unconditional love and wisdom of animals! Hear, hear…

That our pet’s spirit lives on in us is also something I agree with too. We still find ourselves referring back to what Bobby did, what Tiger would have done, what Bunny did, so yes, their spirits, their very being and what they stood for, lives on in us. For that matter, it’s the same with good humans too. I find my father’s silent actions still guiding me to this day. This is how our deceased loved ones continue to live on…in us. So it isn’t about literal “spirits” living on, it’s their values and imprints that continue to live on in us.

And last but not least, do not carry that guilt or regret that you had done wrong or had been careless. We are only human, and yes, we make mistakes all the time. We are not perfect and the best thing is that our pets never expected to us be. They accept us for who we are and as Alda says, they give us unconditional love, so we have already been forgiven. For pet parents, you would know this because have you ever experienced your dog or cat holding on to a grudge?? Never, right?  It’s humans who hold on to grudges and vengeance. Animals do not have such low and negative energies.

And please remember, grieve when you need to. It is your right. Do not suppress it. Reach out to people who care and empathise with you. Ignore and stay away from those who insist on imposing their values on you. You are your own person and you have the right to your feelings.

Now, isn’t this a beautiful and helpful message to share with someone who is coping with the loss of a pet?






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