Thank you very much, Huey and Wah

We have now migrated to the new service provider, YeahHost.

We would like to express our utmost gratitude to Huey and Wah, the couple who first came to me from Penang so many years ago, to offer to re-do and set up a nice functional blog for us, FOC.

Later, they sponsored our domain and this WordPress blog for free as well.

Many a time, tech-unsavvy me would encounter problems and I could always text Huey and Wah anytime to ask for help. Nothing like having two techies on hand to help around the clock!

Even after they no longer run their tech company, Geeky Host, Huey and Wah continued to sponsor our domain and blog for free as they were also doing it for themselves and their family members.

For all that they have done for us, for their generosity, kindness, and especially patience (!), Huey and Wah, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts…forever and ever!

I hope we can still kacau you both IF we encounter tech problems every now and then!





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