Tuff and Phantom caught, finally! (updates from Imm’s Shelter)

Judy shared an update:

Imm managed to catch Tuff n Phantom this evening. Vet will fetch them to his clinic tmrw. Imm said Tuff looked unwell. Am glad he’s caught so hopefully can recover at the vet.

The vet said Tuff looked very pale. Suspect tick fever. Imm fears Tuff might not make it as he is indeed very pale.

This is Fluff. She has TVT.

More from Judy:

Only Dora left to be caught. My friend is still trying to arrange with the darter to see when he’s available. Am so relieved that at least two caught.
My friend will bring the darter to shelter tmrw morning 10.30am to dart Dora. Hv asked them to wait for me at main gate. Darter will have to get into my car as the dogs will scoot off when they see friend’s car approaching.
Am worried that Dora will be wary as Tuff and Phantom caught yesterday. Her alertness level could be high. Am hoping she won’t be in hiding after yesterday’s event.

Such are the risks and dangers of life on the street. TVT is a very treatable cancer, but if no one gets the street dogs neutered or no one makes the effort to catch those street dogs who have already contracted the disease, then even a very treatable disease can turn fatal.

Kudos to Judy and Imm for not giving up. We absolutely appreciate how difficult it is to catch street animals, so their effort is totally laudable.






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