Turkey tail mushroom supplement for canine cancer (a sharing by Yim Soi Chee)

My dear friend, Soi Chee is a dog and cat rescuer.

This is a sharing about Fei Fei, one of her dogs. Fei Fei has cancer (lymphoma). Before her, Soi Chee already had three more dogs who had cancer. So sadly, canine cancer is nothing new to Soi Chee. She keeps doing rigorous research on how to help her dogs. She never gives up.

This is her sharing, reproduced with her consent:

Fei Fei is 12 years old this year. I started noticing she was losing weight and ate slower and I thought it was just part of old age until one day I noticed she was losing energy too. So early Sept I took her to a check-up.

Vet done blood test, ultra sound. Found high white blood cells and intestines issue due to lots of stomach gas and also very small liver. Other readings were ok. So vet treated for infection.

When he hand fed Fei Fei with the first dose of antibiotic, he quickly pulled his hand out of it and said, something is growing inside the mouth. He opened her mouth and found an ugly grape 🍇 size tumour at at the jaw point. Immediately he looked grave and said, I am afraid this is not looking good.

He suggested to remove the tumour so that Fei Fei would feel better and moreover, the tumour was bleeding. I agreed to have it removed although vet said he would not be able to get a clean margin.

After the operation, I asked the vet what could I do to help Fei Fei to live a quality life knowing that her days are numbered. Vet just answered: Give her good stuff, Ling Zhi!!!!

Ling Zhi is the common Chinese name for Ganoderma Sichuanense and is widely used for medicinal purposes in humans, particular in the treatment of cancer.

The rest of the the story you know… there was when I started to do research and found turkey tail and all the medically mushrooms you found too.

I started Fei Fei on the recommended dosage. For a dog her size, should be 500mg a day. I followed the dosage for one week and now I doubled up the dosage . She is looking good!

Food, please! I want food!

The right side of her face is swollen due to the lymphoma.

The vet said we cannot do another operation. So I am depending on holistic method now. I also added probiotics and of course doubled up the dose of her usual turmeric paste.

I lost Tian Tian to blood cancer when she was 7; Da Xiong to bone cancer when he was 8, Jessie to mast cell tumour, kidney tumour and she was stroke patient. She was 12 when all these happened and she lived to 16. I believe a medicinal oil prolonged her life.

More about Jessie: 

Look at Jessie, super girl. After that she had kidney tumour, incontinence and the stomach was as hard as a rock. The tumour was furious. We were just doing our best to address the tumour so that it and Jessie could coexist and let her have more time to enjoy her life on earth.

This is a supplement recommended by UPM. It comes from Japan. Jessie had this too. 

We thank Soi Chee so much for her kind and gracious sharing. We hope you will not need any of this for your dogs, but if you do, we hope this helps.






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