Our all-new ambitious 10-10 fundraising drive (November 2023)!

As I’ve written in an earlier post, the costs of looking after street animals have risen by a lot in this post-pandemic era. And we are doing our best to provide a bigger quantum of aid for the caregivers who seek aid.

Whatever the economic situation, street animals have to eat and be given the necessary medical treatment. They cannot do this by themselves; they need their caregivers’ help. And we are helping the caregivers do this, as much as we can.

To do so, we need funds.

So, we are starting a 10-10 fundraising drive, which we hope to continue for a long time (being quite ambitious here!).

Here’s how it works, in a very simple 2-step method:

  1. We are appealing to all readers and supporters who have not or are not donating to our Fund. To those who are already donating, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
  2. On the 10th of every month, would you please consider donating RM10 to our fund?
    Via Touch ‘n Go
    AnimalCare Society Petaling Selangor

    That’s all, but it can be huge when you consider the number of readers we have. And it may be “just” the click of a few buttons but it will save many, many lives!

As you well know, right from Day One, 100% of donations received are channeled to the animals. All operating costs are borne by us from our own pockets.

We need long-term fundraising. Street animals are here to stay, so we are also here to stay!

Today is the 10th of November, please won’t you be so kind as to consider banking in RM10 to start the ball rolling?  Your kind and generous donation will be put to good use immediately and will definitely go a long way towards helping the many street animals in our country!

Thank you so much. Please help us share this message as widely as you can too.






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