Goodbye Tuff and Snowpea (updates from Imm’s Shelter)

We are sad to learn that Tuff, the recently-rescued dog from Imm’s Shelter’s CNRM-colony did not make it. He had TVT but was too weak to start treatment. He had other complications too. One of their elderly cats, Snowpea, also passed away peacefully a few days ago. We send our deepest condolences to Imm and Judy for their loss.

May Tuff and Snowpea be in a peaceful state.

The photos and write-up below are from Judy:

It’s been a difficult past couple of days for me.

Snowpea who’s 18+ finally passed away on Friday late afternoon. Buried her yesterday.

Tuff didn’t make it either. His heart was already weak when he was caught on 30/10. He had high fever then. He recovered from his fever after taken to the vet and ate heartily till couple of days ago. I noticed his head tremors a week ago, it subsided after he was put on Neurovit but got bad again on Fri and no longer eating. Imm and I decided it was best he be taken back to the shelter to either recover or pass away where he will be more at ease with familiar surroundings.

Yesterday morning, Tuff was very weak. The vet was very kind, he let me accompany Tuff for the drive back to the shelter in his car. When we stopped at the main gate to the shelter, I was surprised to see Tuff on all fours looking around. He must have got the extra energy to get up to see his home again.

We were going to put him to sleep when we got him to the shelter but decided against it as he was able to walk when he was let out into the kennel. Imm said she would care for him. This was in the morning.

Just after noon, Imm informed Tuff had passed away. Am both sad and happy at the same time. Sad he didn’t pull through but happy he died at the shelter and not at the vet.

I suspect the head tremors was caused by infection from head wound a week before he was caught. I had seen the bleeding on his head. It had healed by itself but there must have been internal infection .

Tuff and Snowpea can now run free at Rainbow Bridge. It was a privilege to care for them. 🪷🪷🪷

Snowpea had a good life at the shelter and spent her final weeks in Judy’s house with lots of tender loving care. She was 18+ years old.

Tuff was one of the tough guys living in the CNRM-colony outside the shelter. It took a lot of effort to finally catch him so that his TVT could be treated, but alas, that was not to be so. Still, Tuff may have had it rough while living outside, but in his final weeks, I’m sure he knows he was very much loved and cared for. Judy brought chicken rice for him daily at he was at the vet’s.

You were loved, Tuff. Your tour on earth is over now. Be free!







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