Abandoned puppy, Peppa, is officially adopted!

Peppa smiley face with her adopter

Peppa nestled in between seats during the drive to clinic for her vaccination

Hi all,

Its JoTong here.

I think it’s always a rewarding experience for me (I think for all other rescuers too) when the puppies who had been abandoned find their forever home at last.

Well, the puppy whom I named Peppa (because of her pinky nose) was abandoned at a temple at Balakong industrial area on 12-Sept-2023 and the action was caught on the CCTV footage too. Peppa is a happy puppy and she enjoys her rides to the vet for her vaccinations very much. I do not have to cage her as she will just nestle herself in between the front seats whenever I brought her for her vaccinations.

As she was getting bigger, I thought that her chance of being adopted was getting lower as there had been no enquiries at all.

However. last Wednesday I received a call from a friend who said that she got a friend staying nearby my area would like to have a look at Peppa (with no obligations to adopt). I happily agreed as at least someone is interested to meet Peppa. Eventhough the meet up was arranged during my lunch hour meaning I may need to skip my lunch but I think I would not want to miss any slight chance that Peppa might be adopted.

On Thurs afternoon, the adopter came and spent almost 45 minutes bonding with Peppa. Peppa behaved very well, responded to calls of her name and even sat down when we said ‘Peppa sit” 😀.

At the end, the adopter decided to bring Peppa home with her as she had already fallen in love with Peppa 🥰.

In order to protect the identity of the adopter, I will be blurring the photo of the adopter and the background where Peppa is smiling happily.

I will surely miss Peppa a lot, but I am truly happy that she has found her forever home ☺️






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