Neutering aid for 3 dogs and 2 cats in Balakong and Bandar Damai Perdana (Tong Yut Fun’s) & Updates

We have fully sponsored RM740 for the spaying of 2 cats (RM100 each) and 3 dogs (RM180 each).

We are also providing a medical aid for one of the dogs, Shortie, who had TVT and is now improving very well. Please see next post.

JoTong’s CNRM work with dogs is done jointly with Mr Wong Woi Kan in Balakong. The cats are JoTong’s personal CNRM work in Bandar Damai Perdana.

While our neutering sponsorship is in full, JoTong and Uncle Wong covered the boarding charges (5 days each, after spaying) for the 3 dogs while JoTong covered the boarding charges for both cats and Advocate spot-on for both.

Updates on the previousl-claimed 102 animals (101 dogs and 1 cat) are below.

Previously-claimed animals: 






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