Chubby and Tam are adopted to their forever loving home!!

Whenever we manage to get even one animal rehomed, it is a cause for celebration!


Today, we celebrate the adoption of Chubby and Tam!!

We would like to thank the efforts of Zaleha Ramli and our dear friend, Judy Chua and also her friends for making all the connections. Without your help, Chubby and Tam would not be able to enjoy the rest of their days in their new loving home now.

We would also like to thank the very kind adopter for taking them in, making all the efforts to fence up an area for them in his compound, ensuring they have a shed for shelter from the rain and sun and the adopter has gone out now to purchase collars and food for them too!

The best news is also that the rescuer and caregiver, Ina, will get to visit Chubby and Tam (whom she calls “her children”) whenever she likes as the adopter’s home is quite near to where Ina lives.

For new readers, Ina rescued Chubby and Tam as puppies. But as they grew, the neighbours were not happy and the Tok Kampung wanted to call the council to take away the dogs. Zaleha Ramli, a friend of Ina’s, contacted us for help. We published and I asked Judy to help as well. It was Judy’s friend who found this kind adopter.

According to Zaleha, the two dogs immediately bonded with the adopter who had driven to fetch them and Ina. The dogs were very well behaved throughout the drive too. The adopter patiently coaxed the two dogs to get into his vehicle too. Zaleha says he is indeed a very kind man.

This is indeed a celebration, folks!! Thank you to all who have helped!!

Here are two happy photos of the dogs settling in.






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