A special fundraising for Panna, alley cat who needs a double amputation (Szetoo Yu Ming’s)

Dear Readers and Supporters,

We are doing a special fundraising for this alley cat, Panna, who is under the care of Mr Szetoo Yu Ming. Szetoo has been helping AnimalCare with our annual audit for 14 years and counting now, free or charge, ever since we started. The annual audit is an important requirement for our society under the law. He and our other auditor have saved us thousands of RM so that we do not have to employ an accountant to do the audit.

Szetoo and his family cares for the alley cats and practise CNRM on their own. They have never claimed a single sen of our aid before. In recent years, Szetoo and his wife have been very busy shuttling interstate to look after their respective aged parents.

When Szetoo came back from Kedah this time, he discovered that Panna was injured in both his back legs. Szetoo’s daughter took Panna to see a vet and the vet recommended euthanasia because gangrene had already set in. Of course Szetoo disagreed, especially when Panna is still so full of life. Amputation was also an option but the cost was very high. Szetoo has been retired for many years now.

In fact, Panna dragged himself from porch to the grass this morning, on his front legs, to urinate. Please see photos below.

This morning, Szetoo took Panna to the govt vet in Shah Alam hoping a cheaper amputation can be done there but they do not see medical cases, only licensing. So Szetoo called me asking if we could help with aid.

Panna has already been neutered 2-3 years ago by Szetoo’s daughter and has been living in their back alley all this while.

Our Medical Aid, as you know, is generally for new rescue-for-neutering cases, but we do have the sole discretion to offer it to special cases under extraordinary circumstances. We are exercising this discretion now and doing a special fundraising to save Panna.

Below are photos of Panna which show the back legs.

Panna deserves to be saved.

So I quickly arranged for Szetoo to bring Panna for an assessment at our personal vet clinic. Unfortunately, our regular vets are off today, but I managed to get an appointment with one of their other vets. I was also very worried that the gangrene requires emergency attention, especially when it’s been days that Panna’s been injured.

Szetoo took Panna immediately to this clinic. I also understand from the vet assistants that if the legs can be saved, there is an option to do it with their other clinic’s orthopaedic surgeons too. But we will wait for an assessment at this clinic.

Below is from Szetoo after the vet’s consultation and assessment:

The doctor has just seen Panna and thinks is possible to amputate, provided her blood tests, kidney functions, etc are OK. The vet will do aggressive dressing prior to surgery and will undertake surgery if his condition stabilizes.

According to the doctor, she needs to examine how far the gangrene had spread but initial check indicates he can be saved, barring the normal surgery risk.

Panna doesn’t have a fever and he’s reasonably alert. 

Who will take care of Panna post-surgery, I asked. Szetoo and I did discuss the use of wheels for Panna. He is prepared to do everything possible to look after Panna. But the only problem is that he and his wife need to travel quite a bit.

Probably we will be taking care of him and devise some ways to help him take care of himself. The children can help too. 

How much is the estimated cost?

The doctor estimated about rm3.5 to 4k and I have paid rm2k deposit to get them started.

Szetoo says he can pay the RM2000 (already paid) and I promised we will fundraise for him to cover the rest.

So, dear friends, if you would like to chip in to help Panna, please help. Kindly also help us forward this blogpost to your friends and family. Thank you so much! We have moved on to e-wallet banking now for security measures, but if you prefer to do an online bank transfer, please write to me at chankahyein@gmail.com for our bank account details.

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Please put “Panna” as a remark for your donation, and please write to me at chankahyein@gmail.com with your donation details so that we can thank you for your kindness.






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