Medical aid for 1 cat in Subang Jaya – Panna’s follow-up after double amputation (Szetoo Yu Ming’s)

We have fully sponsored RM95 for Panna’s follow-up today. These funds come from the specially-raised funds for Panna (please see below).

Panna’s stitches were removed today, the healing is good. His blood PCV is 33% which is good enough, improved from the previous 25% before the surgery. The PBF shows he is a little low on his white blood cells but the vet thinks Panna might be FIV+. He was not tested and I also do not see a need to get him tested since he will be an indoor (only) cat now.

So, all is well for Panna! The vet hasn’t updated me yet but when she does, I will put the update here.

Szetoo says:

His blood tests all good except white blood cell still low, which doctor says could be due to Fiv, which is considered normal. Panna will recover slower if he catches any infection. Otherwise he’s fine and no further medication or treatment recommended.

Regarding Panna’s mobility:

Oh he moves very well and goes underneath the sofa in a jiffy. Using his rear end as the 3rd fulcrum to balance himself. Poop and pee daily by himself in the litter box. No friction sores as the house floor is smooth. No diapers needed at the moment. 

Regarding the food we sent:

Oh he loves them. I think we’re going to spoil him. He particularly loves the Back2Nature food. 

Photos from Szetoo:

Panna’s entire medical aid is sponsored through a special fundraising. Below are the names of the donors:

Lim Kean Joo 300 TnG
Ong Khing Wee 200 bank
Wong Chin Kuan 50 bank
Toffee Moffee Gal 200 TnG
Joy Saga 150 bank
Judy Chua 100 bank
Tong Yut Fun 150 bank
Agnes Cheong 100 TnG
Indy, Tabs & Ginger 200 bank
Koh Seow Pen 200 TnG
Tan Sze Yin 200 TnG
Suhaila Marican 100 TnG
Loke Phaik Huah 300 bank
Chew Jin Toh 200 bank
Coco, CC, EB, TY, Woo & MC 100 bank
Chim Siew Choon 200 TnG
Anoymous 200 TnG
Khoo Ming-Yi 50 bank
Julia Chong Chui Lin 100 TnG
From the estate of Sumitra Siew 300 bank
Kon Chee Min 200 TnG
Lee Pek Jong 50 TnG
Tony Tan 50 bank
Anonymous 100 bank
Pang Eng Eng 200 TnG
Chow Yi Lin 100 bank
Total 4100

Panna’s expenses from the above funds:

Date Donations Expenses Details
13-Jan- 4000
14-Jan 2695.10 Balance of vet bill of RM4695.10
17-Jan 637.08 Supplies and food
18-Jan 100
23-Jan 95.00 Follow-up check-up
Total 4100 3427.18
Balance 672.82

We thank all donors very much for their generosity and responding so quickly to Panna’s aid.





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