Thank you very much (January 2024 donors)

We are off to a good start this year and it’s all thanks to you for your kind and generous support!

When Panna, the alley cat who needed urgent funds for his double amputation (gangrenous legs), you rose to the occasion and gave generously. Within a day, we had already raised enough funds to make up the balance of the bill after his caregiver, Szetoo, agreed to pay the initial deposit of RM2000. We subsequently raised even more than enough to buy Panna medical supplies and delicious cat canned food (which he loves!). Panna is doing well now and is able to move around on his two legs using his back as a fulcrum! You have given Panna a new lease on life! Thank you so much for this.

We also pledged to help a caregiver from Mentakab with her TVT dogs. Unfortunately, according to her, her dog due for neutering escaped. She still cannot secure her first TVT dog even though the dog is confined and she feeds the dog three times a day, and she has not been able to catch the second TVT dog. We have explained to her that our funds are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. We do not reserve funds for anyone.

On the upside, we have a new applicant on board this month, which is always good news. It means another person has started to practise CNRM!

On the downside, we would like to caution all caregivers to be wary of people who act as “agents” to “help” you. These are people who act as intermediaries and promise to get you into programmes with fundings. Be very careful of such people. Going directly to the source of the funding would be a much better option. For those Chinese people who don’t read or write English or Malay, please get someone to help you send us an email with your handphone number and we will call you back. 对于那些不会读或写英语或马来语的华人,请找人帮助您给我们发送电子邮件并附上您的手机号码,我们会给您回电 (I used Google Translate to write that). I can speak Cantonese. However, the educator and the Malaysian in me still urges you to please at least learn to speak Bahasa Malaysia. It is our national language and this is a charity for Malaysian street animals and their caregivers.

Years ago, we had Chinese translation on our aid pages too, but we felt this was unfair to other Malaysians of various ethnic origins. What about Tamil, Punjabi, Portuguese, Iban, Kadazan and the list goes on? So we removed the Chinese and only retained English and Bahasa Malaysia. Why retain English? Isn’t this the bahasa penjajah? Yes, it is, but like it or not, it is the lingua franca of the region. Bukan kami hendak mengagung-agungkan penjajah, ia cuma lingua franca, bahasa yang diterima ramai sebagai bahasa biasa di kalangan penutur yang bahasa ibunda mereka berlainan (it is the language that is adopted as a common language between speakers whose native languages are different).

This month’s Neutering Aid:
Amount paid out: RM1,342.00
Number of animals: 9 (4 dogs + 5 cats)
Recipients of the Neutering Aid:

This month’s Medical & Vaccination Aid:
Amount paid out: RM3,514.18
Number of times paid out: 6 (1 dog + 1 cat)
Recipients of the Medical & Vaccination Aid:

This month’s Food Aid:
Amount paid out: RM3,746.94
Number of animals: about 191 dogs
Recipients of the Food Aid:
The breakdown:
Uncle Lee’s Dogs: RM1,049.14 (41 rescued dogs)
The Balakong Street Dogs: RM2,697.80 (about 150 street dogs) 

To our dear readers,

If you feel that our work has helped many animals and you would like to see it being continued, do please consider paying it forward and supporting us. If you love street animals and feel they deserve to be treated with dignity and care, do please consider donating as every sen received is used for this purpose. If you know of any animal lover and you would like to honour them, do please consider donating in remembrance or dedication to them. If you have a cherished pet and would like other street animals to also have a better life, do consider donating to help them as our funds go directly to their caregivers who help them. Thank you!

Via TnG phone app: Touch ‘n Go

Via any e-wallet: Scan the QR code below.
(If you using only one phone: Screenshot the QR code below; it will be saved in your gallery. Then, use your e-wallet app to Scan and choose Scan from Gallery.)

This month’s donors
(this list includes the donors who have specially given for Panna the alley cat)

From the estate of Sumitra Siew
Anonymous donors
A donor through HitPay
Donors from TnG
Donors from Sokong
Agnes Cheong
Ahmad Amir Kamil
Avant Pet Sdn Bhd
Bunny’s Place & Ginger’s Catio
Chew Jin Toh
Chim Siew Choon
Chow Yi Lin
Coco, CC, EB, TY, Woo & MC
Indy, Ginger & Tabs
Ipoh Buddhist Dhamma Association
Joy Saga
Judy Chua
Julia Chong Chui Lin
Khoo Ming-Yi
Koh Seow Pen
Koh Yen Jen
Kok Khee Wee
Kon Chee Min
Kwan Pei Kuan
Lee Pek Jong
Lim Kean Joo
Loke Phaik Huah
Mong Looi
Ong Khing Wee
Pang Eng Eng
Rebecca Helen Daniels
Shamini Suntharajah
Sharonlin Ooi & Colin Khoo
Sophie Tong Yut Gen
Suhaila Marican
Tan Lai Fun
Tan Sze Yin
Tan Tay Thye
Tan Yui Ping
Toffee Moffee Gal
Toh Leong Soon
Tong Yut Fun
Tony Tan
Wan Tai Seng
Wong Chin Kuan





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