New improved Cindy&Friends’ 1.5mm tofu cat litter

We received the following news from Avant Pet:

For your information, we are going to ultimately refresh the Cindy & Friends Tofu Litter 2.00mm product look. 

Besides refreshing its look, we are also enhancing the product quality but we are keeping the price to be same for the time being.
The improvement will be :

1) Added bio-enzymes (similar to odour lock)

2) Changed from 2.0 mm to 1.5mm, providing better savings (The new packaging doesn’t have any windows for users to see the pellet size because we have enhanced the bag with a layer of white coating. So we need to inform the pellet size on the packaging).

3) Improve clumping and absorption.

4) Better dust control.

Also, we have a new flavour “White Tea (est launch Mid-Apr; 1.5mm; new look), and the butterscotch flavour will be discontinued once the stock is finish (est finish Ear June; 2.00mm; old look).

Avant Pet and Ecopet products are available from our Gift Shop. All purchases are by donation and 100% of the proceeds go to our Neutering Aid Package. Only surplus funds are channel to our Food Aid.





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