Thank you very much (February 2024 donors)

A rather slow month, probably due to Chinese New Year and the school holidays. Hopefully the pace will pick up from next month onwards.

We would also like to send a gentle and friendly reminder to all applicants to please abide by the requirements when applying for our aid because the policies are sent to them. As an organisation, we have to be fair to all applicants, so the policies have to be applied to everyone. There are always those who will abide by the rules to the letter and we truly appreciate this group very, very much. Unfortunately, there are also those who will try to see if we will bend the rules for them. Bending the rules for anyone isn’t fair to those who abide by the rules, so no, we cannot do this.

After running this organisation and giving out aid for more than 14 years now, there is a reason for every statement and requirement in the policies. We owe it to ourselves and the donors to practise accountability, transparency and fairness.

This month’s Neutering Aid:
Amount paid out: RM780.00
Number of animals: 6 (4 cats + 2 dogs)
Recipients of the Neutering Aid:

This month’s Medical & Vaccination Aid:
Amount paid out: RM25.00
Number of animals: 1 cat
Recipients of the Medical & Vaccination Aid:

This month’s Food Aid:
Amount paid out: RM4,008.57
Number of animals: about 191 dogs
Recipients of the Food Aid:
The breakdown:
Uncle Lee’s Dogs: RM1,049.14 (41 rescued dogs)
The Balakong Street Dogs: RM2,959.43 (about 150 street dogs) 

To our dear readers,

If you feel that our work has helped many animals and you would like to see it being continued, do please consider paying it forward and supporting us. If you love street animals and feel they deserve to be treated with dignity and care, do please consider donating as every sen received is used for this purpose. If you know of any animal lover and you would like to honour them, do please consider donating in remembrance or dedication to them. If you have a cherished pet and would like other street animals to also have a better life, do consider donating to help them as our funds go directly to the caregivers who help them. Thank you!

Via TnG phone app: Touch ‘n Go

Via any e-wallet: Scan the QR code below.
(If you using only one phone: Screenshot the QR code below; it will be saved in your gallery. Then, use your e-wallet app to Scan and choose Scan from Gallery.)

This month’s donors

In memory of Mdm Tan Kwee Chin from Adeline Lau
Two anonymous donors
Donors from Touch ‘n Go
Ahmad Amir Kamil
Avant Pet Sdn Bhd
Bunny’s Place & Ginger’s Catio
Chim Siew Choon
Ho Yuen Foon
Joy Saga
Khoo Ming-Yi
Kok Khee Wee
Kwan Pei Kuan
Mong Looi
NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan
Persatuan Buddhist Hilir Perak
Rebecca H. Daniels
Suzanne Ngiow Siet Sun
Tan Lai Fun
Tan Tay Thye
Tong Yut Fun
Tong Yut Gen, Sophie
Wan Tai Seng
Wong Chin Kuan





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