The rescue of a little wildboar piglet (a sharing by So Eileen)

Here’s yet another inspiring sharing by So Eileen and this time it is about the rescue of a little wildboar piglet!

Here is the story, and it happened in 2022:

This was the little wild boar piglet we rescued whom we found inside our backyard drain. We have many wild boards visiting our backyard area as there are still jungles and hills around 5m from our backyard area. Believe this little fella fell down the drain while looking for food at night time.

Not sure how long this fella was stuck inside the longkang. It was at noon time that my other rescued dogs alerted us by barking; that was when we found out that this poor fella has fallen into the drain.

He was soaking wet shivering from the cold as it was raining heavily the night before.

Brought him to the exotic vet in PJ for treatment as his body was hot and he was having a fever too. Cared for this fella for 2 days and it was eating well again. Fed him with fruits and goat’s milk. On the night of the third day, we were getting ready to release him back to the jungle from our backyard area, so we put him inside the cage and he started making noise. This is what we wanted as it calls in the family to search for him and bring him back with them.

After about 15min or so, we could see from a near distance, a pack of wild boars presenting themselves to us (not in close proximity). Then our kind maid carried this fella back up a little closer enough to be visible to the pack that was waiting nearby…and off the little fella went with the pack back into the jungle. Phew, what an experience for us.



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