Grey’s 5th physiotherapy session (from Lee Soo Farng)

Today is Grey’s 5th physiotherapy session sponsored by the following donors: Donors from Pastorale Charity Concert 2023, an anonymous donor via TnG, Gerald & Misty, Jasmine Ee, Joy Saga, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, Ng Seng Yum, Sharonlin Ooi, Shue Sen, Tong Yut Fun.

Here are photos and videos from today’s hydrotherapy session; Grey had 5 sessions of 3 minutes each and the physiotherapist said he was really good for a first-timer.

Soo Farng says she does not plan to continue with physiotherapy for Grey so this will be his last session for now.

This is Soo Farng’s write-up about today’s hydrotherapy session:

It’s Hydrotherapy today!

We were at Paws Rehab slightly early than our appointment time. I was told to bring his towel and shampoo today. Michelle was there to greet us and she immediately took Grey to express his bladder. I was also told not to feed him in the morning just in case he may poo in the pool!
He had laser therapy first before water. The pool is at the back of the premise. They put swimming vest on Grey and wet him. They also cut his nails just in case he scratches. The water was quite cold I thought, but they put Grey in! He swam and paddled and meowed. Out of fear I guess. Sydney praised him for doing well. Some cats weren’t successful with Hydrotherapy. He had to do 5 sets of 3 minutes swimming. Just like on the treadmill. I could see his hind legs were kicking well.
Grey was tired after the whole session. I gave him a good shower he was too tired to struggle. 
This marks the end of our 5 physio sessions. I would like to thank all the donors for giving us this experience. Grey even has a certificate Of graduation!

Trimming Grey’s nails first.

Wetting him before going into the pool. 

We thank all donors very much for their generosity in sponsoring this 5-session physiotherapy package for Grey. It has made a huge and significant positive difference in Grey’s life.

Have a great life, Grey!







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