Food Aid

Providing aid since 31st May 2009.
This page was updated on 22nd May 2024.
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Reaching out to feed street animals

We have always encouraged independent caregivers to practise One-Street CNRM and to do so within their means. For these independent caregivers, we offer our Neutering, Vaccination and Medical Aid. So we would expect them to feed the animals themselves. But in some cases, the colonies are rather big and these caregivers may appreciate some assistance with food when the need arises. So, whenever we have surplus funds, we will channel some of these funds to our Food Aid to help feed street animals too. However, we have a very strict criteria for this provision. The street feeders would have to fulfil our CNRM requirements.

Reaching out to feed “sheltered” street animals

In an ideal CNRM setting, Return-to-Colony-and-Manage is an integral step in maintaining and stabilising the street animal population. However, we totally understand that very often, rehoming has to be prioritised over return-to-colony because many neutered animals who are still on the streets are subject to all kinds of abuse, dangers and harm. Caregivers also frequently lament that their returned-to-colony animals are still captured and this is truly very, very disheartening.

But, rehoming is not easy. There are many neutered animals out there who cannot find loving private homes to stay in. As such, we appreciate the role of kind individuals who provide a safe place for rescued animals to stay indoors where they are protected from the dangers out on the street.

So again, whenever we have surplus funds, we may channel some of these funds to our Food Aid to provide petfood for “sheltered” street animals too. Our strict criteria also applies to this provision.

We thank all donors and supporters, past and present, for their generosity, trust and continued moral support.

We reserve the sole discretion to offer an extraordinary provision of this Food Aid in special circumstances if the need arises.
ami mempunyai budi bicara mutlak untuk menawarkan peruntukan luar biasa Bantuan Makanan ini untuk keadaan khas jika perlu.

If you would like to donate for this aid, here are our donation details (any amount is most appreciated):

Using your phone via Touch ‘n Go

Using any e-wallet: Scan the QR code below.
(If you are only using a phone: Screenshot the QR code below; it will be saved in your gallery. Then, tap Scan in your e-wallet app and choose Scan from Gallery.)

Using our payment gateway:

one-off donations

recurring donations

If you are donating specifically for the food aid, kindly state so in your bank-in details and we will honour your wishes. Otherwise, all general donations will be prioritised for our Neutering Aid, Vaccination Aid and Medical Aid, and only the surplus will be channeled to the Food Aid.

Recipients of our food aid:

Personal Pet Food Donation to a Shelter or Independent Caregiver of Your Choice
(previously known as the Double Charity Donation)

This provision is for donors who wish to make a personal pet food donation to a shelter or independent caregiver of their choice (provided the shelter or address of the caregiver are located within the delivery itinerary of the pet food company from which we buy). The minimum amount is RM500. Please choose your products from here. Kindly write to to confirm stock availability before banking in your donation. For this donation, a small portion of the donation goes into our Neutering, Vaccination and Medical Funds that benefits street animals while the pet food goes to the shelter or street animals (under their caregiver) of your choice.

For more information on this, please write to