Ida and family adopts the white kitten!

Today is a great day of adoptions!

Asnidar could not take the two kittens as her mother-cat somehow disappeared today, so I told Ida she could come view the Belgian Shepherd Laekonois kitten (read: the white kitten).
Btw, do you know how many people are queuing up for this white kitten? At least seven!
Ida arrived with her family, ie. her husband, two young children and her mum. Her husband took one look at the little white furball and immediately scooped her up and never put her down again.

I got talking with the old makcik and learnt that this entire family loves cats. Makcik related an incident many years ago where one of her cats fell from the 7th floor to the ground AND survived. They sent her straight to the hospital, and checked her into the 1st class ward. Every day, makcik would go down to nurse the cat until her recovery. The cat is still with makcik today.
As all this was going on, Ida’s husband was simply too engrossed with carrying the little kitten. Ida told me that it’s her husband who is the expert at feeding baby kittens.
A big man, with such a big heart!
We hope Ida and her family will be very happy with their new kitten, which they have named Minnie.
Have a great life, Minnie!






One response to “Ida and family adopts the white kitten!”

  1. Ida

    Hai…thank you so much for you to make my two daughters very happy….now their always with minnie….since we are very-very sad when our lovely cat 'garfield' died on 25/03/09.

    my 1st daughter who always cry every day when she think of garfield until now ….hope she can recovered herself with minnie…

    minnie is a nice and cute kitten…..last night we bring and put her to our room..we put her at a small cage and we sleep together…

    ok….see u…with nice story about minnie again….

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