Two kittens re-adopted

These are the two kittens returned by Ida. The lady in the photo is Lisan and she was only interested in the white one with blue eyes (the sister-kitten). But Lisan came with her boyfriend, Whei Meng, (who happened, coincidentally, to be one of my former students from way back when!). And Whei Meng took an instant liking to the brother-kitten.

I had been persuading Lisan to take both since they grew up together and are quite inseparable. And at this age, they need each other for warmth and companionship, especially if the owners are working people. At least they would have each other for company when the owners are at work.

Lisan was quite concerned about the female’s pot-belly. We had dewormed her twice already, but seems like the pot-belly is still prominent. We asked the vet to check, and he explained it looked prominent maybe because the organs are big, and the kitten is rather small at this age. Since the kitten is eating well and very active, the vet ruled out any disease.

Lisan would have to deworm them again next week, and subsequently in another two weeks’ time.

After some deliberation and persuasion (Whei Meng said I should be in sales – I’m glad I’m not!), it ended well.

Lisan and Whei Meng went home with both kittens!

We hope they will be very happy together.






2 responses to “Two kittens re-adopted”

  1. Hi Ms. Chan, We lost Fido (the brother) when we put them in the garden. He has disappeared for a day. I just hope that he'll comes back when he's looking for food. I took Nino to dewormed yesterday, wanted to have her vaccine, but the vet claimed that her health is not in good condition. She is now taking antibiotics, will have to bring her back to the vet by next week again. She's staying indoor right now. =)

  2. I hope you'll continue to look for him as he is still very young. Kittens this age, it's best to confine them because they might not be able to look after themselves yet.

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