The adventure began even BEFORE we got onto the Karak Highway…

Terry and Ainey met at my house this morning, and we departed Subang Jaya at 7am.  We met up with Jamie Khoo and Ruby Khong of Kechara House in PJ.  The journey was pleasant and uneventful until we were on the Kepong highway heading towards the Karak highway.

Right at the side of the road (which had a tall side wall), we saw a frightened-looking dog leaning against the wall.  I could almost see it trembling.  As I was going quite fast, and there was no emergency lane on the highway I could not stop. 

It just didn’t look right, so I decided we should find the next available u-turn and turn back to help the dog. 

The next available u-turn was VERY far away, but we turned back anyway, but on this return journey, we could not see the other side of the road as there was a dividing wall between the two sides of the highway, so we had to find another u-turn.  (I hope you are following me here….).

We finally got onto the same road where we had seen the dog, and now I slowed down so that we would be able to spot the dog and stop to help it.  I had no idea what we were going to do, trying to rescue a dog off the busy 3-lane highway, but we will figure something out.  After all, Terry and Ainey are also both “dog-people”.  Dogs don’t normally run away from us, in “ordinary circumstances”.  We were hoping we’d be able to lure the dog to us, catch it, and bring it to Bentong. 

The plan sounds too simple, eh?  Well, yes, it does.  But no use planning anything complicated.  We’ll cross the bridge when we come to it.  The three of us had absolutely no idea how we were going to do this, but we know we MUST do it, somehow.  My greatest nightmare would be “what if” we tried to lure the dog, it got frightened and ran into the road and got run over? 

No use thinking about “what if”s.  Just do it!

Well, as fate would have it, we scourged the entire highway, but the dog was no where to be found now.  So we comforted ourselves by saying it must have miraculously got to some safe place OR another car could have stopped to pick it up. 

It is safe now.  Let’s not worry. 

There was silence in the car for a while as the three of us said our own prayers for the dog.  May you be safe, wherever you are….

Now, onwards to Bentong.

Next posting, please…





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