Today’s event at Jaya One

It’s been a very long and tiring day.  We promoted our cause at today’s  launching of Pet Owners Club at Jaya One today, and would like to thank everyone who had supported us.

Here are some photos:

Our booth
The Ti-Ratana boys, showing off their dog-handling and training skills.
The MNAWF was next door to us, and they put up a performance of their trained dogs and their trainers.  Jaya One is promoting a more pet-friendly community, and MNAWF is contributing its share by offering obedience training courses to dog and their owners.  The long-term hope is that our community will be more tolerant, accepting and friendly towards animals.
There was an assortment of pets on exhibition – tortoises, snakes, tarantulas, sugargliders, rabbits and possums (I think).  There were also purebred dogs.
We were there to promote our cause – caring for stray animals through CNRM.   
Our volunteer dog trainer, Mike and his wife, Sissy, came along to support us, and ended up helping us man the booth once in a while.  Thanks, Mike and Sissy. 
Here’s another supporter, Kanes, who goes everywhere with his sugarglider.  Kanes won a prize for the day!
Thank you, everyone, for your support. 






One response to “Today’s event at Jaya One”

  1. ELITE

    Thanks for the pic 🙂 Drop me a mail if gt any other event… i gt to know abt this event aso coz of glider owner gathering 🙂

    Thanks 🙂

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