Animal cruelty abounds

This is an email received from one of our friends, Mandy.  It is her true account of what happened on 5th Dec 2009. 

We wish to qualify that the publication of this true account is done as public information with no malicious intent whatsoever.  It is also to bring home the reminder that dog owners must always ensure that their dogs are kept within their house compound and never ever be let out without a leash and the owner.  Otherwise, your dog could be subject to horrendous cruelty, and possible death. 

We also wish to thank Mandy for standing up to protect the poor dog.  We need more brave people like Mandy to defend these poor helpless animals. 

I have also seen personally how dog pound workers handle the dogs when we did the Puchong Dog Pound rescue in 2006.  It was exactly as described by Mandy.  They lasso the device over the dogs’ necks and hurl them through the air.  It is horrible and downright cruel.   

Here’s Mandy’s story.  Please read it, and let’s work together to protect the animals from such cruelty. 

I want to relate an incident which happened on last saturday 5th of Dec, I was in my car in front of my house with my dad waiting for my mom to come out of the house when suddenly a grey van bolted pass my vehicle at an alarming speed with its side door wide open. To my horror, it was the MPK dog catchers in my housing area (gated and guarded) and my initial reaction was S**t! What are they going to do now.

Before i could even think of anything, i witnessed something which made my heart stopped, the guy who’s sitting at the back with its side door open hopped out of the vehicle and startied chasing a young dalmation (about 6 months old) which belongs to one of the residents and before the dalmation could escape the dog catcher manage to hook the device to it’s neck and due to the impact the dog was flung around with the metal hook on it’s neck and dragged on the tarmac towards the van.

Upon witnessing this, I was raging and my initial reaction is just to accelerate and honk all the way towards the van. I immediately unwind the window and demanded them to release the dog as i know it belongs to one of the residents and i was wondering at the same time what are they doing in this gated and guarded community catching dogs which has owners, unless some idiots called them in on some complaints. The dog catcher refuse to release the dog and shouted at the top of his lungs “Repot Polis lah kalau u berani” ini takde kena mengena dengan awak while still dragging the poor dog to the van and shoving it roughly through the metal cage with other poor strays in it (puppies as well).

Refusing to put the matter to rest, I trailed them until they reached in front of one of the residents house and to my surprise there are about 3 people there, 2 of them is the owner of the dalmation they just caught and 1 of them is the committee member at our residential area who called them in to catch the other 4 black dogs which also belongs to another resident.

I came out of my car and demanded them to release the dalmation and after some time of arguments and when verbal abuse is exchanged, I found out that the committee member who called the MPK dog catchers meant for them to catch other dogs. I was furious and started to question the committee member of his conscience and the right move would be to lodge a complaint to the owner first before calling upon the dog catchers, and sensing that his action was wrong he tried to reason with the dog catchers to release the dalmation that they caught but they refuse again citing reasons that the dog was outside the house and without a license.

My question is this, Do they have the right to catch the dog when the owners are present? The 2 boys are outside the house when their maid accidently opened the front gate causing their dog to run out of the house and when that happened the MPK dog catchers spotted the dog and zoomed dangerously inside our housing area attempting to catch that dog which they know belongs to someone. Once the dog is caught, the 2 boys( they’re about 15 and 17 yrs old) told me that the MPK dog catchers saw their dog ran out of the house and still they catch their dog even when they know it belongs to someone.

After that, the 2 boys called their dad who was out to come back since they refuse to let go of their dogs. Testing our patience enough, the guards and the committee member blocked the exit to prevent them from leaving and on the attached photos you can see very clearly that the MPK dog catchers are hurling abuse at me when i took their pictures and told me “Kalau you berani tangkap gambar saya you mati!”.

I continued on snapping a few more photos and after all that verbal abuse that has been hurled at me I demanded them to release the dogs and I told them that I will not give them a single cent if they think they can get some out from catching people’s dog indiscriminately. The MPK dog catcher who is clad in an orange shirt shouted back at me saying “Kita bukan mau duit la!” and also threathen me by saying that he’s gonna go to my house to check if my dogs are without a license he’ll catch them too.

After all that commotion the dad of the 2 boys came back and request for them to release his dalmation and they still refuse, until the MPK dog catchers communicated with the committee member who’s clad in a light blue shirt and short pants (as seen in the photos) in tamil to ask me to leave first then they’ll release the dog.

To cut the long story short, after i left apparently the owner HAD to pay them a sum of money to get his dog release and they didn’t want me there so that they can extort the owner!!! How can they catch a dog which they know belongs to someone when they saw it running out from the owner’s? How can they handle dogs with such cruelty be it a stray or pet? This shows that they catch dogs indiscriminately and i believe that even with a license they will also catch your dogs if they see it loitering around the neighbourhood.

Their reasons for catching dogs are based solely on the fact that if your dog is outside the house compound and without a license they can catch it but what surprises me is that with the owners just metres away they also catch the dog and since that dog is a pedigree breed it is even more apparent that the dog definitely belongs to someone, yet they choose to handle the situation in such a way i deemed inhumane.

Can you imagine if we do CNRM to all these dogs only to be caught by all these ruthless dog catchers at the end of the day and all our efforts will go to waste, I believe to make this work, the council should educate themselves first on how to handle the situation and proper training should be given to these dog catchers so that a more humane/ systematic approach can be carried out when catching or trapping them rather than dragging them on the rough tarmac and choking them when they’re caught with the metal hooks.

Most important of all, we should educate ‘humans’ to be responsible because the reason so many unwanted dogs and stray there are out there are caused solely by humans own doings e.g. not neutering their dogs, allow their dogs to roam freely and breed, throwing their dogs out when they can no longer cope with them and so on. I am appalled by the way our local councils handle the situation and I believe to employ dog catchers, they must first screen and educate them on how to handle dogs, proper training should be given and the dog catchers should have the traits of treating animals equally as humans.

I hope you can post this to create awareness amongst our society and it doesn’t mean if you don’t see it, it’s not happening. Animal cruelty is happening everyday!!!

We want to thank Mandy for standing up to defend the dog even though she was up against such terrible verbal abuse.  We also want to thank her for taking the time to write this up so that we can be informed.
While we know we are quite powerless to do anything at this point in time (except to inform as many people as possible) because the authorities seem to allow this kind of thing to happen (this is not the first time I hear of such cruel handling of stray animals), we hope the animal organisations in power will take such matters up with the authorities and appeal for more humane treatment of stray animals. 
What is the point of promoting campaigns like “masyarakat penyayang” when those who represent the authorities behave in this barbaric manner towards the most helpless creatures? 
On our part, please do not allow your pets to roam free.  Please protect them from such cruelty. 
The world is full of thorns and pebbles.  We cannot line it with velvet, so the next best thing is to wear slippers and protect ourselves and our loved ones.  We cannot change others.  We have to change ourselves.
Please let your friends know that they have to do more to protect the animals under their care.  
Incidentally, this came in my email today, as I am writing this post.  A good reminder to all of us:
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

– attributed to Edmund Burke

Some of our most trying difficulties are caused by plain old inertia. Inertia shows itself in not wanting to move, not wanting to act – in other words, in wanting to be a stone just lying on the road. It is all right for a stone to be inert; that is its role in life. But it is not all right for you and me to just lie down and try to avoid problems, saying, “What does it matter?”

When I hear the phrase “well adjusted,” I do not always take it as a favorable comment. Mahatma Gandhi has said that to be well adjusted in a wrong situation is very bad; in a wrong situation we should keep on acting to set it right. When Gandhi, at the peak of his political activity, was asked in a British court what his profession was, he said, “Resister.” If he was put in a wrong situation, he just could not keep quiet; he had to resist, nonviolently but very effectively, until the situation was set right.  






9 responses to “Animal cruelty abounds”

  1. Anonymous

    Well done Mandy.

    Your brave action saved the dog's life. It is indeed extremely cruel and barbaric what those dog catchers did to the Dalmation and to other dogs as well.

    If it hadnt been for your action, the Dalmation would have ended at the dog pound.

  2. Anonymous

    Perhaps we should get hold of the names and addresses of the dog catchers and post them up on animal forums. I'm sure they'll be glad to know that animal lovers feel the same way they do towards us.

    Or perhaps a little humble love? Not sure if it'll go to waste on such people.

    Cynically yours,
    Terry the terrible terrier

  3. pembayar cukai dan rakyat minda kelas pertama

    DVS, the guideliness you so painstakingly drew up once again tidak dipatuhi and trampled on like garbage. Dulu DKBL ditangkap bunuh binatang tangkapan celup kucing dan anjing ke dalam air kolam secara kejam kat Youtube, kata mereka tak sedar bahawa perkhidmatan awam kerajaan ada keluarkan garis panduan. Sekarang MPK apa nak cakap?

    Wahai Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri KSN, teropong lah your little Napoleons yg tidak mematuhi arahan Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri dalam pembekalan perkhidmatan berkualiti utk pelanggan dan rakyat. Pemunya anjing yg terkeluar kawasan rumah secara tidak sengaja tetapi mengejar tangkap masuk semula anjing mereka ke dalam kawasan rumah adalah perkara biasa dan bertanggungjawab tapi penangkap anjing sengaja nak cari upah tangkap binatang tersebut tanpa hati yg bertimbang rasa dan secara kejam adalah suatu perbuatan yg dikecam oleh kami sebagai pembayar cukai bayar yg membayar gaji kepada semua kakitangan perkhidmatan awam. Kami selaku pembayar cukai dan rakyat adalah merupakan tuan dan juga pelanggan kepada perkhidmatan awam Malaysia!

  4. Well Mandy seems to be acting like the owner of the dog and the dogcatchers seem to be the local overlords.

    The point I'm making is simple. If the owner did not care to claim possession, the dogcatchers will — old idiom of property law: finder's keepers.

    Do the have a right to hold on to my dog or cat? No. Can they do that legally? No. The dog is owned by someone and unless that owner says it does not belong to him — well, then it is a stray.

    I want to walk up to Bank Negara and say, I do not know who owns this bank, so I can claim it as my own. If I do that and persist, the guards will likely shoot me and I'll end up in hospital or the morgue. But if I do that with dogs whose owners live in 'gated communities' … they will just let me take their dog away. So, will dogcatchers persist in their behaviour, especially if they're paid per dog? Of course.

    My real question to this 'gated community' is this. Have they watched 'Dumb and Dumber"?

  5. Mongrel Pup

    Ronnie Liu, DAP state executive councillor, is in charge of Local Government i.e. local councils.
    The Pakatan Rakyat state govt is doing something about this state of affairs i.e. cruelty to animals by council contractors but citizens need to inform them and COMPLAIN if they see any such acts as done by Mandy. Only then can firm action be taken to address it.
    I suggest Mandy send an e-mail to Ronnie Liu and also Hannah Yeoh, state assemblyperson for Subang Jaya about this incident.
    This is the proper way to do it and to help prevent further cruel actions by the said contractors.
    Ronnie's and Hannah Yeoh's e-mail addresses can be found from the DAP webpage
    In Penang, the DAP-led state govt has allowed a private animal welfare NGO to set up a no-kill animal sanctuary by providing the state land for it.
    Nothing is impossible, but we need to complain to the RIGHT people not just write about it, to get things done.
    In the Penang case, that animal welfare NGO had spent years banging on the doors of the Barisan Nasional state govt to give it a piece of land for a sanctuary and now they got their wish after the Pakatan govt took over the state.
    It goes to show if we are persistent and have an attitude of never-say-die, we may just be such pain-in-the-ass, that the authorities will give us our wish!
    The state govt has a say over what the local councils do…so as voters and citizens we exercise our rights and COMPLAIN about cruelty by council contractors to our state executive councillors and state assemblypersons. If enough people were to do it, you will be amazed at the response from the state authorities.

  6. Mongrel Pup

    Further to my earlier posting, I have send a copy of Mandy's story to Hannah Yeoh … the Subang Jaya State Assemblyperson.
    It is good to have postings of the incident on websites like AnimalCare so more people will know and be more careful but at the same time we have to complain to the authorities too, namely our state assemblypersons.

  7. Thank you, Mongrel Pup. I had been asking for Hannah Yeoh's email all of yesterday, but nobody could give it to me. The reason I published the story is not to simply talk about it, but to hope ALL of us can work together and do something about it.
    I have spoken to Hannah Yeoh personally about promoting CNRM in Subang Jaya about six months ago. She said she was interested and would get back to me. I am still waiting for her response.
    Btw, the dap website address you gave me turned out to be a holiday/travelling site.

  8. LAN

    hannah yeoh's blog:
    her contact:
    Office Tel: 03 5631 2768
    Fax : 03 5631 2757

  9. Keat Kiah

    Mongrel Pup,

    You are barking up the wrong tree. To say that Dr Chan or AnimalCare is merely talking about issues is doing a grave injustice to the team.

    I have been following Dr Chan's blog and I know for sure she isn't the type of person to sit down and merely "write about it and not get things done".

    Whenever there are animals whose lives are at stake, Dr Chan would be working feverishly behind the scenes to get them rescued and rehomed.

    When the Pulau Ketam dogs were condemned to be euthanised by a shelter, Dr Chan work relentlessly to get several sanctuaries to rehome them. She finally got a sanctuary in Bentong, Pahang to accept the dogs. Without her relentless effort, these dogs would have died by now.

    Likewise, when many other dogs were condemned to be euthanised, Dr Chan helped to rescue them and found homes for them.

    Dr Chan has been propagating CNRM very strongly to the public. You can read from the postings here the number of stray dogs and cats that have been spayed/neutered using funds from AnimalCare.

    Tell me, how many NGOs sponsor the spaying/neutering cost of stray cats & dogs? Or raise funds for their medicals and surgeries?

    Mongrel Pup, I suggest you read through the previous postings here to enlighten yourself on what AnimalCare has done before criticising them.

    So, you have sent the news to the state assemblywoman (the "proper thing to do") – has there been any response yet? Do please enlighten us on this.

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