Animal cruelty abounds (part 2)

If you read some of the comments in my earlier posting about this case:, you will see that a concerned citizen, by the pseudonym of Mongrel Pup, has sent the story to the authorities, because as he/she has advised, that is the proper way to do things.

I hope there would be a response from the authorities.

I spoke to the state assemblywoman of my area on 9th May 2009, about promoting CNRM in my neighbourhood as a longterm solution to the stray problem, and she said she would get back to me.  I am still waiting.

I spoke to a state assemblyman who visited my area on 9th May 2009 and asked what the authorities would be doing for the Ketam dumped dogs, and he said they were going “to do something”.  What have they done?  I hear the Ketam folks are still dumping dogs (I stand corrected if I am wrong).  Has there been any legislation to outlaw dog-dumping?  Does it take so long to make legislations when lives are at stake?  I am still waiting.     

I spoke to a big organisation on 10th June 2009, about starting a spay-neuter clinic in my neighbourhood, offering cheaper rates, and the officer said she would work together with me in July 2009.  I am still waiting. 

I spoke to another big organisation on 18th July 2009, and the founder said she would be starting a holding bay and a spay-neuter hospital for strays very soon.  She even took me to the site.  I have stopped waiting. 

One organisation and another shelter down south offered to take in the Ketam rescued dogs and let them live out their natural lives so that they would not be euthanised.  Nothing materialised.  I did not wait.  I rehomed them in LLLP, Bentong on 1st August 2009.   

In all fairness, I am sure there are good reasons why the promises above were not (or have not yet been) fulfilled. 

But while waiting, we are going ahead with our own CNRM, and funding medicals of stray animals through our own panel vets. 

We don’t simply just talk, we do as well.  But we do whatever we can, within our limited capacity.   

That, in my humble opinion, is still better than making unfulfilled promises, isn’t it?   






One response to “Animal cruelty abounds (part 2)”

  1. Anonymous

    I hope these promises worth waiting, for good course. Best of luck.

    -Syn Yii

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